Tea Break

Switch it up and get your caffeine fix from tea instead of coffee! Not only are there numerous varieties and types of tea, most of them come with additional health benefits. And when you’re feeling alert but want something warm to drink, herbal teas are always an option.

Caffeine content can be determined by the way tea is made–generally speaking, if you use hotter water, more tea or steep your tea longer, more caffeine will end up in your cup. Here’s a relative guide for the amounts of caffeine present in tea:


Caffeine Per 8 oz Cup

White Tea

30-55 mg

Green Tea

35-70 mg

Oolong Tea     

50-75 mg

Black Tea

60-90 mg


150-200 mg

White Tea– Uncured and unfermented, white tea contains many antioxidants and is good for skin and complexion. White tea may also have more potent anticancer properties.
Green Tea–made of steamed tea leaves, green tea reduces risk of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, reduces risk of stroke, improve cholesterol levels, prevent growth of various types of cancers, burn fat, and many many other benefits!
Oolong Tea–half-fermented, Oolong tea helps lower bad cholesterol, and has been marketed as a weight loss supplement, though no formal research has been done.
Black Tea– fully fermented, black tea contains the most caffeine out of all teas. Black tea also maintains normal cholesterol levels, cardiovascular function and healthy circulatory systems. Risk of stroke may also be reduced, and black tea may also protect lungs from damage from exposure to cigarette smoke.

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