The Color Wheel

Color does a lot for appearances, making you appear slimmer or heftier, or bringing out the color of your lips, your eyes, or the complexion of your skin! And while it’s great to know that burgundy seems tImageo be the it color of the season, some basic color theory can really help you put your outfit together.

The painter’s color wheel is made up of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. The primaries are the most basic tones, red, blue and yellow. Secondary colors are produced by mixing the primaries, producing green, orange and violet. Tertiary colors can be created by mixing secondary and primary colors. If you observe the average color wheel, you’ll notice that it’s divided into cool and warm hues.  Generally speaking, warm tones advance and expand while cooler tones recede and contract.

Of course, you can make your own color combos, but there’s also some easy ways to create color harmony. Complementary colors are the easiest to pair; they’re directly across from each other on the color wheel. Typical examples of this can be blue and orange, red and green and yellow and purple. These colors show up very vividly when put together, and make each other pop!

There’s a lot more to learn! For more information on color, the perception of color, and various color harmonies, visit this source page:

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