Five Fall Makeup Trends


Reds or purples–dark lips are back!

Fall is coming, so get yourself ready with this list of makeup trends coming off the heels of Fashion Week!

1. Dark Lipstick–mulberry and dark cherry shades are back in style! Make sure to balance with the blush on your cheeks or bronzer to avoid skipping into vampire territory.


Brown shadows: soft, subtle, and feminine

2. Brown Smoky Eyes–this reinvention of the smoky eye lends a subtler halo effect to the eyes in comparison to the traditional stark black.


Thick brows look more natural in comparison to stick thin ones

3. Defined, Prominent Brows–another throwback retro inspired look, thick brows made a comeback!

4. Bright Eye Accents–eyes lined in bright blues and oranges, or framed in bright shades were a hit on the runway this season!

5. Fresh n’ Natural–this style made an appearance at the fall show this year, though usually kept for spring shows. Accent with nude shades in contouring, and try using bright cheek or lip shades for some pops in color.


Bright contrast is always welcome


Looking bright and fresh! Keep it natural for a younger look.

Check out more trends in the source links below!

Source: allure, Harper’s Bazaar

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