Fall Jams and Spreads

We can’t believe it’s almost November! To get launch you into fall harvest, here are some recipes for some autumn jams and spreads. Use them this weekend for a Halloween party, or keep them on hand for Thanksgiving or even Christmas!

ImageLingonberry jam: Similar to cranberries and part of the same genus as blueberries, these berries are popular in Nordic countries, and can be picked in the wild. In fact, you might have seen premade lingonberry jams and sauces at your local IKEA! But we’ve got th recipe here if you want to make your own!

Pumpkin Spread: Squash are coming into season and if you’ve got some puree left over from other recipes, making this creamy pumpkin spread is a good way to use it up in an utterly tasty way!

Maple Butter: If you’ve got Japanese maples growing nearby, they’re going to start turning a lovely range of Imagered, orange and yellow hues very soon! Celebrate by making this easy maple butter, and eat together with pumpkin spreads, or pumpkin recipes! Pumpkin and maple recipes often use similar spices, so they complement each other very well.

Slow Cooker Bacon Jam: Surprise! As our last recipe, try bacon on as your introduction to savory jams! More versatile and complex in flavor, savory jams are a good way to add an extra kick to your food.

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