Emergency Stockpiling

ImageSandy was definitely a doozy, so here’s a brief guide on the best stuff to stock up for next time! During an emergency, you’ll use up more energy than normal, so get some high-fiber, high-protein foods. And because you have a limited supply, this means that you should get higher quality foods, and less of them.

Stuff that’s good on your pantry:

Peanut butter–full of healthy fats and protein, unless otherwise stated on the label, this pantry favorite won’t need refrigeration.

Nuts and trail mixes–these high energy combinations are great for snacking. It’s best to look for vacuum packed containers to maintain freshness.

Canned tuna, salmon, chicken and turkey–these canned meats will provide essential protein, and also have a long shelf life, generally lasting for two years.

Powdered milk–when you can’t have fresh milk, this alternative will provide you with vitamin D and calcium.
Dried fruits–not only are dried fruits tasty, they can provide potassium and dietary fiber during an emergency.

And if you want some fresh food, think about buying some apples, squash, citrus, and potatoes/yams before the emergency. Apples can last up to three months if stored in a cool dry area, while citrus, if bought unripened, can last up to two weeks, providing the body with vitamin C and hydration. Winter squash can keep for months if left uncooked. If you can cook during an emergency, these are the squash for you. Likewise, uncooked potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes can keep up to a month if stored in a cool, dry place. Lastly, dry cured meats like salami can keep up to six weeks, and can function as a good alternative to canned meats.

Source: Real Simple

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