Wwin a Free Hat or Tank During Renarda Joy NY’s Holiday Triple L Society Giveaway

Below are the entry rules & guidelines. The contest will run from November 22nd Thanksgiving Day until December 30th! Winner will be announced during the first week of December. Good luck and thank you for supporting Renarda Joy NY!

Find out more about Triple L Society Here: www.triplelsociety.com/


  1. Like Renarda Joy Facebook – HERE
  2. Follow Renarda Joy on Twitter (@renardajoy)
  3. Like Triple L Society on Facebook – HERE
  4. Follow Triple L Society on Twitter (@LAWRENCEENURSE)
  5. Tweet renardajoy (@renardajoy) and Triple L Society  (@lawrenceenurse) with a word that you feel best describes your style with hashtag renarda joy (#renardajoyny), hashtag Triple L Society (#triplelsociety), hashtag RJNYGiveaway (#rjnygiveaway), hashtag giveaways (#giveaways).

(Ex- @renardajoy  @lawrenceenurse “Beautiful” #renardajoy #triplelsociety #rjnygiveaway #giveaways)

(Ex 2- @renardajoy @lawrencenurse “Chic” #renardajoy #triplelsociety #rjnygiveaway #giveaways)

Rules –

*We can ship to anywhere in the US and Canada

* We reserve the right to exclude a contestant if we deem your “Tweets,” to be offensive.

* By participating, you give us permission to use your name and profile information to announce as a winner. If you want to know who won, the winner’s name will be announced on Twitter/Facebook as soon as possible. What you send us becomes our property.

*If you win, we will need your mailing information to send your prize. If you do not send this information within 72 hours, we will choose another winner.

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