Facial Masssage

face massage 1Don’t limit your relaxation time to the aftermath of stressful situations or periods. Reserve a little bit of time to yourself every day to soothe away your stress with a facial massage. The face is full of nerves and muscles, and getting the right pressure points can help relieve the tensions that your body can accumulate daily.

To start off, find a quiet, comfortable area to do the massage. Take a couple deep breaths before you start, and choose a couple areas that you would like to focus on. Use the tips of your fingers to place steady, gentle pressure on each pressure point for about a minute, releasing and repeating several times. Finish off by rubbing gentle circles in the area, while still applying gentle pressure. Repeat these steps in the other areas of your focus.

Here’s a list of the pressure points for massage:

Corner of the mouth: placing pressure here can relieve toothaches, and help with digestion.

Either side of the nose: rubbing either side of the nose can relieve congestion, and so may be particularly helpful in winter.

Under your lips: massaging this area can ease tension in your jaw, especially from frowning.

Between the eyes: rubbing the edges of the bridge of your nose can bring relief from sinus headaches and stuffiness. Do not rub your eyes.

Temples: this is a popular massage spot that can help ease headaches.

Hairline: massaging anywhere at the front of your hairline can help reduce stress and relieve tension and headaches.

Jawline: massaging this area will relieve tightness in the jaw. Such jaw tension can contribute to headaches, toothaches, and jaw pain.

Source: Daily Glow

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