Happy Valentine’s Day!

The big day for lovers is here, but keep in mind that bigger is not always better! If you and your significant other have nothing planned and are rushing to get those gifts and dinner reservations, calm down! Take a deep breath and relax. Don’t forget that despite the Valentine’s Day trend of gift giving and fine dining, there doesn’t have to be individual actions here.

Instead of going out to crowded, noisy restaurants, spend a cosy, romantic night in with a couple glasses of wine and just yourselves. Make your dinner for two together, or even make chocolates for each other and laugh at each others successes and failures. If you need to find a DIY Valentine’s menu, you can check food-related websites such as Bon Appetit, Saveur, or Epicurious.

Make your own gifts–guys, look for something past chocolates and roses, for something more personal. Gals, think of getting your guy a  “bro-quet” full of his favorite things. Do something surprising or daring, and do your best to make it a surprise! Chalkboard mugs to write messages to each other on your morning cup of Joe, or a scavenger hunt leading your partner to his or her present, or a bouquet of flowers.

For all our singles: hang out with your friends! Find fun events to go to. Commiserate over your misery (or your lack of it) with other fellow singles at events around the city. Celebrate your independence by doing whatever you want! Splurge on a little something for yourself–give yourself a little love.

Either way, have a Happy Valentine’s Day from RJNY. If nothing else, you all have a little piece of our love!

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