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Dear Santa Stuff It! | With Beauty Essentials of Course ; )

No, this is not a negative note to Santa for all of the coal he gave me for my naughty fun, but naughty behavior. This is actually a simple request for all of the beauty goodies that we at Renarda … Continue reading

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The Looks of Love | Breakup to “Make-Up”

Thursday October 11, I saw him. He was sharp, dark, and firm- just what I needed : Mac Eye Pencil “Indigo” $16 at Friday, November 16, he made me nervous, I tripped. I rose and so did the color … Continue reading

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Skin Care for a Cause!

There is nothing we love more than beautifully radiant skin, but when you can have that and do something good in the process, there’s nothing better.  The Josie Maran skincare line created a partnership with Berber women in Morocco in … Continue reading

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What Does Your Perfume Say About You?

Your sense of smell is one of the strongest and most closely tied senses to your memory.  A lot of times, the way a woman smells is how others remember them.  Beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn had … Continue reading

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Skin Care 101

No matter what type of skin you have the regimen to care for it is universal.  Your regimen should always consist of: 1) cleansing, 2) toning, and 3) moisturizing! Cleansing rids the surface and pores of debris. Toning balances the … Continue reading

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5 Tips and Must-haves for getting V-day ready!

While some of us have been pre-occupied with keeping up our new year’s resolutions, others of us have been chipping nails digging our cars out of igloos this winter. But, despite our lack of discipline and Mother Nature’s merciless games, … Continue reading

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