Renarda Joy is a New York-based beauty company that was created from sheer passion and now boasts a full-scale beauty and fashion service. We currently maintain a staff of experienced make-up artists, licensed hair stylists, and knowledgeable wardrobe stylists, as well as our own makeup line “RJ”.

At Renarda Joy we know that fashion and trends continuously change, and we recognize that a good beauty company will always be two steps ahead of the newest craze. As a result, our artists and stylists have had extensive training and experience in both the fashion and beauty industry, allowing us to constantly update and sharpen our skills.  We currently foster relationships with many established and up-and-coming names in the industry, and in years to come our vision is to build a household name serving clients both in America and around the globe.

“RJ” is our carefully developed makeup line that offers skincare for all types. We value both the beauty and the health of our clients’ skin and are adamant in reflecting this in all our products. RJ provides foundations and lip products in an array of colors to match our clients’ moods and styles, and our team has been trained to assist our customers with any specific questions or individual needs.

The world we live in is colorful and unique, much like our clients. Our team aims to tailor every look to bring out the best qualities of each individual. In a society where beauty is often judged by the outside, we strive to show our clients how “Inner Beauty Defined” transfers to the exterior. Our primary focus is to provide exceptional customer service while creating an unforgettable experience, something that every woman deserves. Contact us at info@renardajoy.com now to schedule your consultation.


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