Happy Valentine’s Day!

The big day for lovers is here, but keep in mind that bigger is not always better! If you and your significant other have nothing planned and are rushing to get those gifts and dinner reservations, calm down! Take a deep breath and relax. Don’t forget that despite the Valentine’s Day trend of gift giving and fine dining, there doesn’t have to be individual actions here.

Instead of going out to crowded, noisy restaurants, spend a cosy, romantic night in with a couple glasses of wine and just yourselves. Make your dinner for two together, or even make chocolates for each other and laugh at each others successes and failures. If you need to find a DIY Valentine’s menu, you can check food-related websites such as Bon Appetit, Saveur, or Epicurious.

Make your own gifts–guys, look for something past chocolates and roses, for something more personal. Gals, think of getting your guy a  “bro-quet” full of his favorite things. Do something surprising or daring, and do your best to make it a surprise! Chalkboard mugs to write messages to each other on your morning cup of Joe, or a scavenger hunt leading your partner to his or her present, or a bouquet of flowers.

For all our singles: hang out with your friends! Find fun events to go to. Commiserate over your misery (or your lack of it) with other fellow singles at events around the city. Celebrate your independence by doing whatever you want! Splurge on a little something for yourself–give yourself a little love.

Either way, have a Happy Valentine’s Day from RJNY. If nothing else, you all have a little piece of our love!

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Facial Masssage

face massage 1Don’t limit your relaxation time to the aftermath of stressful situations or periods. Reserve a little bit of time to yourself every day to soothe away your stress with a facial massage. The face is full of nerves and muscles, and getting the right pressure points can help relieve the tensions that your body can accumulate daily.

To start off, find a quiet, comfortable area to do the massage. Take a couple deep breaths before you start, and choose a couple areas that you would like to focus on. Use the tips of your fingers to place steady, gentle pressure on each pressure point for about a minute, releasing and repeating several times. Finish off by rubbing gentle circles in the area, while still applying gentle pressure. Repeat these steps in the other areas of your focus.

Here’s a list of the pressure points for massage:

Corner of the mouth: placing pressure here can relieve toothaches, and help with digestion.

Either side of the nose: rubbing either side of the nose can relieve congestion, and so may be particularly helpful in winter.

Under your lips: massaging this area can ease tension in your jaw, especially from frowning.

Between the eyes: rubbing the edges of the bridge of your nose can bring relief from sinus headaches and stuffiness. Do not rub your eyes.

Temples: this is a popular massage spot that can help ease headaches.

Hairline: massaging anywhere at the front of your hairline can help reduce stress and relieve tension and headaches.

Jawline: massaging this area will relieve tightness in the jaw. Such jaw tension can contribute to headaches, toothaches, and jaw pain.

Source: Daily Glow

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Facials at Home

ImageHappy New Year everybody! This officially marks the end of the winter holiday madness, so kip a nice, cushy chair and take some time to give yourself some good ole TLC with a homemade facial.

1) Cleanse your skin to hydrate it and loosen the bond between old skin cells for a nice glow.

2) Exfoliate by gently massaging the cheeks in circular motions; rinse with warm water and pat dry. For a homemade exfoliant, try a mixture of 1 tablespoon brown sugar, 1 ½ tablespoons olive oil, and two drops of lemon juice.

3) Steam your skin; warm some water and several towels in a crockpot on low heat. Hold the warm towels to your face and relax–this will also remove na leftover exfoliant. To avoid burning yourself, check the temperature of the towels against your wrist first, or open them up and shake to cool them down.

4) Apply your mask. If you don’t have a mask, try applying honey to your skin! Honey has antimicrobial properties, and is also very hydrating. For those who have masks, clay masks are best for those with oily skin, while gel or creamy hydrating masks will best suit those with normal, dry or sensitive skin. Regardless of the mask you use, make sure to rinse it off with warm water.

5) Apply moisturizer. If you plan to go out after your facial, don’t forget to use one with SPF!

Source: Sweet Jack

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Look Great on New Year’s Eve, Men!

Image      Image      Image      Image

Be bold for the club scene:  “A light blue or purple dressy shirt. Open up the two top buttons for a slick and more confident image.”

Look classy for the outdoor scene: “A rich-looking sheepskin jacket is always a classic amongst top designers. It’s always a perfect fit for the more mature, classy gentleman who has achieved a certain status and wants to show it.”

Show off your sporty side:  “For a sportier look, get a quilted jacket with a fake fur hood and cuffs. The furry and fuzzy added touch is extremely hot this winter.”

Warehouse/Rave party style: “For a sportier look, get a quilted jacket with a fake fur hood and cuffs. The furry and fuzzy added touch is extremely hot this winter.”

Formal attire–or not so formal!:  “If you’re a little less conservative, a sharply cut three-piece suit is a throwback to the ’70s and could definitely put the fever and groove back into your party.

If you are very confident, then try the latest plaid suits, but watch out because if improperly worn, they can look extremely tacky.

If you’re more conservative in the image and financial departments, then buy a high-end suit that you could wear all year round. Lightweight black and gray suits are your best bets.”

Read more: http://www.askmen.com/fashion/fashiontip/42_fashion_advice.html#ixzz2GI3gim3V



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How to Get Those Gorgeous, Sparkling Eyes

sparkling eyes

“Rub your hands together briskly until they feel warm. Close your eyes and place the palms of your hands lightly over your eyes. Hold this position, resting quietly, for a few minutes, then remove your hands. Your eyesight will be more crisp and clear, and your eyes will look more rested and shining.”

Source:  http://www.care2.com/greenliving/quick-trick-for-sparkling-eyes.html#ixzz2FwHAfzVm

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Modeling at the Age of 70



“Liu Xianping, the 72-year-old grandfather from China who has reached overnight fame by posing in women’s clothing for his granddaughter’s clothing boutique. Liu told China Newsweek that he began trying on feminine outfits as a joke for his granddaughter, known only as Ms. Lv, after coming over to help her unpack new merchandise.”

” ‘Why unacceptable [sic] for someone like me to wear women’s clothes? Modelling [sic] for the store is helping my granddaughter and I have nothing to lose,” said Liu. “We were very happy on the day of the shooting. I’m very old and all I care about is to be happy.” And he has more than enough reasons to be happy. Not only has Liu gained notoriety for his stylish looks, but his granddaughter’s online shop, Yuekou, has seen a major increase in sales numbers. Thanks, grandpa!”



Source:  http://shine.yahoo.com/the-thread/grandfather-in-china-finds-fame-as–female–fashion-model-233322437.html


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ImageWith the heaters roaring and the wind blowing in our faces, winter is not the friendliest season to your skin. Here are some tips on keeping your skin great in the winter months.

Moisturize: Seek an oil-based rather than water-based moisturizer, as the oil will form a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than lotions or creams. Many “night creams” will have this composition. Look for oils suitable for the face, nonclogging oils like avocado oil, primrose oil, or check for humectants, substances like glycerine or sorbitol that attract moisture to your skin.

Sunscreen: Winter sun can still damage your skin, especially when considering snow glare. Keep that broad spectrum formula in your skin routine, and don’t forget to reapply over long periods of time.

Hydration: Keep yourself hydrated this winter! Turn on the humidifiers to keep your skin from drying out and avoid using masks, peels, toners with alcohol and astringents, which can remove vital oils from the skin. Instead, use cleansing milk, mild foaming cleansers, alcohol-free toners or masks that are deeply hydrating.

Shower Advice: Limit hot baths and showers to five minutes and only wash once a day. Use warm water rather than hot. Hot water breaks down the lipid barriers on skin, leading to moisture loss. If your skin is dry to the point of being itchy, you can take lukewarm baths with baking soda or oatmeal. Use milder soaps or liquid cleansers in the winter, and use less of it.

Sources: WebMD, Huffington Post

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Pictures with the Shark. Ready in 3, 2, 1 Go


Don’t worry!   These were Whale Sharks in the Philippines.   Their main diet–plankton!

Goal:  “to highlight the magnificence of these creatures and bring their beauty to a global audience.”

 Challenge:  “to turn models into mermaids and create mesmerizing imagery that captured the unique connection between humans and the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark.”


From the article: “It was at Oslob, a year ago, that Heinrichs captured what he said were the first images revealing the close relationship that had developed between local fisherman and whale sharks. The fishermen had befriended the gentle giant by hand-feeding them scoops of tiny shrimp.”

“After a week of intense shooting, overcoming the elements, technical obstacle and fatigue, the team returned home with some of the most innovative and inspiring marine life interaction imagery ever captured.”

Article website:  http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/blog/41938/extraordinary+fashion+shoot+involves+whale+sharks+worlds+largest+fish/

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Winter Must-Haves for Black Friday

As we gear up for Black Friday, we should make sure we get the wardrobe essentials for this season! Based off the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 runway shows, let’s take a look at some of the featured trends.


Jason Wu


Miu Miu

Prints: Runway shows were big on prints and patterns this season! Oriental looks were back in style with intricate embroidery bedecking dresses and jackets, and reserved florals and delicate art-inspired designs were featured by designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Jason Wu, Miu Miu and Valentino. Luxurious brocades also participated in this trend.

Leisure Suits: The prints trend continued into leisure suits where patterns popped and drew the eye. That’s what we call bold and beautiful! These suits look good as a set, but also offset monochrome and solid colors quite well.These suits often came paired with the ever popular slim fit trouser.

Peplums: Peplums made it big on the catwalk this year, mostly in darker, more mature colors. Many make for exaggerated hiplines, and are featured in suit skirts and cocktail dresses.

Oversize: Make it big! The oversize look is back. Large tops, wide coats and jackets, billowy pants all made an appearance, and capes were also a favorite of the season.


Burberry Prorsum



Classic Winter Materials: Favorites as ever, leather and fur are a-knockin’ at our door again! Leather goes well with the gothic trend that ran the runway shows, and make for a classic look with gloves, which also had their own presence on  the runway. Velvet also made a comeback, soft, sophisticated and retro.

We hope this helps you with your Black Friday shopping! Tweet us pictures of your best picks!

Source: Vogue UK, A Million Looks

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Wwin a Free Hat or Tank During Renarda Joy NY’s Holiday Triple L Society Giveaway

Below are the entry rules & guidelines. The contest will run from November 22nd Thanksgiving Day until December 30th! Winner will be announced during the first week of December. Good luck and thank you for supporting Renarda Joy NY!

Find out more about Triple L Society Here: www.triplelsociety.com/


  1. Like Renarda Joy Facebook – HERE
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  3. Like Triple L Society on Facebook – HERE
  4. Follow Triple L Society on Twitter (@LAWRENCEENURSE)
  5. Tweet renardajoy (@renardajoy) and Triple L Society  (@lawrenceenurse) with a word that you feel best describes your style with hashtag renarda joy (#renardajoyny), hashtag Triple L Society (#triplelsociety), hashtag RJNYGiveaway (#rjnygiveaway), hashtag giveaways (#giveaways).

(Ex- @renardajoy  @lawrenceenurse “Beautiful” #renardajoy #triplelsociety #rjnygiveaway #giveaways)

(Ex 2- @renardajoy @lawrencenurse “Chic” #renardajoy #triplelsociety #rjnygiveaway #giveaways)

Rules –

*We can ship to anywhere in the US and Canada

* We reserve the right to exclude a contestant if we deem your “Tweets,” to be offensive.

* By participating, you give us permission to use your name and profile information to announce as a winner. If you want to know who won, the winner’s name will be announced on Twitter/Facebook as soon as possible. What you send us becomes our property.

*If you win, we will need your mailing information to send your prize. If you do not send this information within 72 hours, we will choose another winner.

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